Which are the android best PSX emulators?

PlayStation is one of the most popular and iconic gaming systems ever released with some leading legendary games. It is the leading fifth-generation gaming console that many franchises have brought. A different franchise like Final Fantasy Tony Hawk Pro, Skater, Tekken, etc has seen mainstream success with PlayStation. Earlier, these retro games can only be played on rooted devices. But as technology grows, gamers can play on their smartphones.

By using the PlayStation 1 emulator app for android, you can play the legendary games right now on your smartphones. But as there are tons of android best PSX emulators available, choosing the leading and accurate one for your power-packed phone is quite confusing. Hence, we have come with the top emulator for Android through this blog. Keep reading it till the end to find the best for yourself.

Classic boy gold

This is one of the all-in-one PlayStation 1 emulator apps for Android. Classic boy gold supports almost all types of consoles like PlayStation, three-game boy system, Nintendo 64, NES, SAGA, etc. It has hardware control support, customized touch screen control, audio setting, and usually save and load states.


It’s the new android best PSX emulator for AndroidIt also supports varieties of console systems like classic boy gold. During testing, this emulator has been passed in its stability. Like classic boy gold, this Mudbox also has saved and load states, cheat code support, fast forward mode, hardware control support, etc. This emulator is as configurable as other emulators.


It is the android best PSX emulator for Android. It’s not only highly stable but also it’s very easy to use. This emulator supports split-screen mode, save and load states, personalize control, hardware controller support, Opel GL enhanced graphics, etc. It can add some additional features through its plugins.

This is the list of the best PlayStation 1 emulator apps for android. You can install any one of the emulators to relive your childhood memories with PlayStation.

Which are the android best PSX emulators?

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