Select this option if your device has Multi core and if you prefer to have smoother animation (available only in old software drawing mode)

If you have a License checking message and FPseNG enter into limited mode follow instructions below:

  • Check that your device is well set to your local TIME.
  • Check that your device is well set to the same google account you used to order FPseNG.
  • Check that your account has well set Internet Sync from accounts settings menu.
  • If your device contain many account be sure to set the one you used to order FPseNG as the main account.
  • Be sure to be connected to internet, try to connect to google to verify.
  • Do not use any patcher over FPseNG.
  • Try to uninstall and reinstall FPseNG.

Contact author at schtruck@gmail.com if all above steps doesent help and FPseNG stays in limited mode.