The new version of FPseNG for Android has been now pushed to the play store with a huge changes list , Fixes, improvement and new exclusive feature!

FPseNG 1.2 Changes:

In the market, there is some great emulator app for android. You can choose the app for the best gaming experience. It will satisfy your gaming needs. Before you download the app, you should know the following things:

  • Full support of eboot file format (from any source)
  • Fixed some audio glitches with some games
  • More small fixes
  • Fixed a lot of reported bugs
  • Fixed Advanced OpenGL video bugs and settings unsticked
  • Fixed OpenGL high definition texture high definition green artifacts
  • Fixed Galaxy S1x freeze like bug when load/save state
  • Fixed immediate crash on some x86 devices like Pixelbook
  • Fixed random freeze happening when exiting game
  • Fixed sound in game Driver 2
  • Fixed loadstate issue with opengl high definition
  • Fixed PSlink multiplayer mode for Armored core series
  • Fixed load plugins and more load features
  • Fixed GeGeGe no Kitarou – Gyakushuu! Youma Daikessen audio issue
  • Fixed Antialiasing from opengl high definition (CSAA for Tegra or 4x MSAA for the rest) Rendering is a lot of improved.
  • Fixed assign external gamepad buttons and keyboards keys (Fastforward button mapping as well)
  • Added support for specific onscreen gamepad buttons positions for each game
  • Added dynamic change video mode feature. When game is running press menu then change video mode

You can try in live and compare speed and rendering of all video mode

Google takes his time today to verify app updates , it can takes up to 36 hours… be patient